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At Broad Guage Productions,

Realism & performance goes hand in hand. Each add-on is carefully crafted to achieve the highest level of realism and detail as possible while also achieving highest performance across the spectrum of PC hardware.

Each add-on is carefully planned, modeled & textured to achieve stunning realism while also ensuring each of them runs smoothly.

product work?


So how does the

Stunning Detail.

We always aim to push the boundaries of detailing as far as possible. Each add-on has all the
authentic detailing to ensure they closely match the prototype. All add-ons are made from protoypical diagrams whenever possible to accurately depict their shape & other features.

Excellent Performence.

All add-ons are optimized to give them best performance as possible on the hardware they are
running. Level of Detail (LOD), Material optimizations are all done to ensure smooth performance.

Realistic Physics

Horsepower check..!! Tractive effort, check..!! All add-ons have carefully planned physics
settings to ensure that as much as they look like real world, they behave like one too.


Something about product

Every locomotive or coaches produced by us have authentic representation of their interiors complete with night time lightning. Locomotives cabs have moving controls so you can drive like real world too.

Almost every add-on has some kind of animation, ranging from controllable doors & windows, wipers on most locos as well as radiator fans. Coaches feature animated AC fans whenever applicable.



BGPro Products have changed the msts game completely it's now more realistic & i love to play the game. You justify your motto of "BGPro The Place where Trains Come Alive" Keep up the good work.

Akash Bhaskar

The quality and precision of everyone’s work at Broad Guage Production’s is impeccable. Their add-ons are surely taking Indian rail-simming to a whole new level.

Heth Kansara

Broad gauge productions is the reason why more and more Open rail players have found a new interest in the game. Their models are minutely detailed and made with a lot of hard work and research. They have also brought in a realistic type of texturing which makes the models come to life during the game. Their product delivery is timely and there is a lot of commitment and discipline in their work. We are awaiting a lot of more exciting releases that are lined up in BG Productions. It is surely one of the reasons that Indian Rail simulations in Open Rails has got a new lifeline.

Vineet Kulkarni


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